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Keynote Speaker James Taylor MBA FRSA

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Business is changing at the speed of light. Exponential technologies like artificial intelligence and robotics are creating new disruptive business models almost overnight. In this age of disruption there is ONE distinctively human competitive advantage that you and your team must leverage…. your Creativity.

LEADERSHIP – 60% of Global CEO’s polled by IBM cited ‘Creativity’ as THE most important leadership quality in business today.

CHANGE – 47% of jobs are at risk from automation, mostly those roles that don’t require creativity.

SKILLS – The World Economic Forum says that ‘Creativity’ will be the third most important job skill required by 2020.

CULTURE – Only 39% of people in the today’s workforce consider themselves to be creative!

keynote speaker James Taylor’s mission in life is to unlock the creative potential in people and teams.

Keynote Speaker on Creativity James Taylor M.B.A. F.R.S.A. – who started his career managing high profile rock stars – is now an in-demand keynote speaker and internationally recognized leader in business creativity and innovation.

For over 20 years, he has been advising CEO’s, entrepreneurs, educators, governments and leaders from Silicon Valley to Singapore on how to build innovative organizations, unlock creative potential, and increase productivity.