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James Taylor is an award-winning entrepreneur, creativity expert, marketer and musician. He is the founder of High Creativity Academy, The Music Business Institute and P3 Music. His programs, online courses, events and consulting services have helped individuals, corporations, governments, and non-profits around the world generate millions of dollars in revenues. As a pioneering digital gypsy he divides his time between the Europe, North America and Asia.

Programs with James Taylor

Music Business Institute

Have you ever wanted to make a successful living as a music artist, songwriter, composer, music educator, touring musician or recording artist?


C School

Why are some people highly creative, while others struggle? It comes down to how they manage their creative process and understand their C Type™. Think about it.

Featured Posts by James Taylor

Creativity and Mindfulness

Creativity and Mindfulness

Can meditation make you more creative? Is there a link between creativity and mindfulness? I was talking to creativity expert Austin Hill Shaw and mindfulness teacher Aaron Kahlow recently and we discussed creativity and mindfulness….

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time management

Time Management for Creatives

If you do creative work then you know that managing your time effectively can be a real challenge. However there are some simple tips that I describe in this short lesson on ‘time management for creatives’….

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Creative Collaboration

Creative collaboration and the power of creative pairs. From Lennon and McCartney to Jobs and Wozniak, plus hundreds more in fields including technology, art and business – creative collaborations are an incredibly effective way to spark…

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