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James Taylor is an award-winning entrepreneur, creativity expert, marketer and musician. He is the founder of C School, The Music Business Institute, ICMP Online and P3 Music. Here is what he is working on right now.

His programs, online courses, events and consulting services have helped individuals, corporations, governments, and non-profits around the world generate millions of dollars in revenues. As a pioneering digital gypsy he divides his time between the Europe, North America and Asia.

Programs with James Taylor

Music Business Institute

Music Business Institute

Have you ever wanted to make a successful living as a music artist, songwriter, composer, music educator, touring musician or recording artist?

C School

Why are some people highly creative, while others struggle? Learn how to unlock your creativity to live a more fulfilling life.

Featured Posts by James Taylor

How to sell your art

How To Sell Your Art

In this episode of The Creative Life TV Show I look at how to sell your art and the importance of listening. Most artists hate having to personally sell their art but there is a…

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Tom Jackson

CL036: Taylor Swift’s performance coach Tom Jackson on creating unique live shows

Tom Jackson has a passion for helping artists develop their onstage skills and produce unique shows. Through onstage rehearsals he teaches artists and bands to find the unique moments in their music, to capture and…

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CL035: Gary Hughes on creative photography, CreativeLive and headshots

Gary Hughes is a Florida based photographer who believes in creative photography and that head shots don’t have to be boring. He looks to infuse the creative energy of music, fashion and fun into his…

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