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In an era where sustainability and technological innovation intersect, the imperative for businesses to adopt ethical practices and forward-thinking strategies has never been more pronounced. As organizations worldwide strive to balance profitability with planetary responsibility, the guidance of visionary speakers in navigating these challenges is invaluable.

We are honored to introduce James Taylor, a celebrated entrepreneur, author, and a leading voice in ETHICAL FUTURISM™. With a career that has spanned managing iconic rock stars to becoming a sought-after keynote speaker on sustainability, artificial intelligence (AI), and the future of business, James has distinguished himself as an authority on integrating ethical considerations with business innovation.

James Taylor’s keynote on ETHICAL FUTURISM™ offers a compelling vision for a sustainable future, where businesses leverage AI and other technologies not just for economic gain, but as tools for positive global impact. This presentation delves into the ethical dimensions of technological advancement, encouraging audiences to consider how their organizations can contribute to a more sustainable and equitable world. James’s approach is designed to inspire and challenge, making him the keynote speaker of choice for businesses and organizations looking to make a meaningful difference.

Beyond his insights into creativity and innovation, James Taylor stands out for his deep commitment to sustainability and ethical futurism. His perspectives on how businesses can drive technological innovation responsibly, ensuring that advancements in AI and other fields are used to address critical global issues such as climate change, resource scarcity, and social inequality, resonate with leaders seeking to forge a sustainable path forward.

Opting for James Taylor as your keynote speaker on ETHICAL FUTURISM™ means engaging with a thought leader who has advised CEOs, entrepreneurs, educators, and policymakers on the intersection of ethics, sustainability, and innovation. His anticipated contributions to the discourse on ethical futurism, including his insights on augmenting human creativity in the age of artificial intelligence, are eagerly awaited by the global business community.

James’s clientele includes an impressive roster of Fortune Global 500 companies, non-profits, and educational institutions, all of which have benefited from his enlightening keynotes and workshops. His role as a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts underscores his commitment to fostering innovation that is not only economically viable but also socially and environmentally responsible.

  • Expertise: More than two decades of experience at the forefront of sustainability, AI, and ethical business practices.
  • Engagement: Known for his compelling, thought-provoking presentations that blend visionary ideas with practical solutions.
  • Customization: Tailored keynotes and workshops designed to address the unique challenges and opportunities of your organization in the context of sustainability and ethics.
  • Impact: A track record of inspiring businesses to adopt practices that not only drive success but also contribute to the well-being of the planet and society.

In a world facing unprecedented environmental and ethical challenges, James Taylor emerges as a catalyst for change, guiding organizations towards a future where business success and sustainability go hand in hand. Engage with him for your next event and embark on a journey towards ETHICAL FUTURISM™, where your organization can lead the way in making a positive impact on the world.

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“James Taylor was a fantastic keynote speaker. His presentation was an insightful and entertaining closing keynote for the event audience. James also hosted a small group presentation for the G3 Company Sales Meeting earlier in the year that was also great.” 

Kristi Kawana, Events & Marketing Director, G3 Communications

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Why Choose James Taylor?

James Taylor is a highly sought-after keynote speaker, often booked months or even years in advance due to his exceptional expertise. Given his limited availability, it’s crucial to contact him early if you’re interested in securing a date or learning how he can enhance your event. Reach out to James Taylor now for an opportunity to bring his unique insights to your conference or team.

SuperCreativity™: Accelerating Innovation in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

In the SuperCreativity™ keynote, James Taylor delves into the heart of creativity and innovation in the digital era. As businesses face the challenges of automation and AI, James provides actionable insights on leveraging human creativity as a distinct competitive advantage. This keynote is perfect for organizations looking to stay ahead in industries transformed by exponential technologies.

SuperCollaboration™: The Future of Human-AI Partnerships

The SuperCollaboration™ keynote explores the emerging dynamics of human-AI collaboration. James Taylor unveils the potential of “cyborgs” and “centaurs” in creating a future where technology and human ingenuity merge. This session is ideal for leaders and teams eager to harness the power of AI for enhanced collaboration and innovation.

Ethical Futurism™: Navigating Sustainability and AI for Business Growth

Ethical Futurism™ addresses the critical intersection of sustainability, ethics, and technology. James Taylor guides audiences through the practices of the world’s most ethical and sustainable companies, demonstrating how aligning with environmental and social values can drive business success. This keynote is essential for organizations committed to making a positive impact on the planet and society.

Why James Taylor's Keynotes Are Unmissable

Impact and Testimonials: The James Taylor Experience

ETHICAL FUTURISM™: Navigating the Intersection of Technology, Ethics, and Sustainability

In the transformative journey towards a sustainable future, ETHICAL FUTURISM™ stands as a beacon for organizations aiming to harmonize technological advancement with ethical responsibility and environmental stewardship. James Taylor’s pioneering keynote on ETHICAL FUTURISM™ delves into the critical role businesses play in shaping a world where innovation serves as a force for good, addressing the most pressing global challenges.


ETHICAL FUTURISM™ is built on the premise that the future of business is not just about leveraging technology for efficiency and profit but about doing so in a way that is ethically sound and sustainable. James Taylor’s insights guide organizations through the three foundational pillars:

  • Sustainability: Emphasizing the importance of adopting practices that ensure long-term ecological balance and resource renewal, Taylor challenges businesses to rethink their operations, supply chains, and product lifecycles in alignment with sustainable development goals.

  • Ethical Innovation: Advocating for the responsible development and use of AI and other technologies, Taylor highlights the need for frameworks that prioritize human welfare, data privacy, and the mitigation of biases, ensuring that technological progress does not come at the expense of ethical principles.

  • Social Responsibility: Encouraging a shift towards business models that not only generate economic value but also contribute positively to society. This involves addressing inequality, supporting community development, and engaging in philanthropy as integral components of corporate strategy.

Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

ETHICAL FUTURISM™ presents a pathway for businesses to transform societal and environmental challenges into opportunities for innovation and growth. By integrating ethical considerations into their core strategies, organizations can unlock new markets, foster consumer trust, and build a competitive edge that is both resilient and aligned with the values of a rapidly changing world.

Key Strategies for Implementing ETHICAL FUTURISM™

James Taylor provides actionable strategies for organizations to embrace ETHICAL FUTURISM™, including:

  • Engaging Stakeholders: Building consensus among shareholders, employees, customers, and communities on the importance of ethical practices and sustainability.

  • Leveraging Technology for Good: Utilizing AI, blockchain, and other technologies to enhance environmental monitoring, improve supply chain transparency, and develop sustainable products and services.

  • Fostering an Ethical Culture: Cultivating a corporate culture that prioritizes ethical decision-making and encourages employees to consider the broader impact of their work.


Organizations that adopt ETHICAL FUTURISM™ not only contribute to a more sustainable and equitable world but also enjoy enhanced brand reputation, customer loyalty, and employee satisfaction. James Taylor’s keynote inspires and equips leaders with the vision and tools necessary to lead their organizations into a future where success is measured not just by financial performance but by the positive impact on the planet and society.

ETHICAL FUTURISM™ by James Taylor offers a forward-thinking framework for businesses committed to leading the charge in sustainability, ethical innovation, and social responsibility. In an era where the choices made by organizations have profound implications for the future, engaging with James Taylor on ETHICAL FUTURISM™ is a step towards embracing a leadership role in the creation of a better world.

Book James Taylor for Your Next Event

Bringing James Taylor to your event is more than just booking a keynote speaker; it’s an investment in transforming your team’s mindset, enhancing creativity, and driving innovation. Here’s how you can make this transformative experience a reality for your organization.

Step 1: Inquiry and Availability

Start by reaching out to us with your event details, including the date, location, and audience specifics. Our team is dedicated to understanding your needs and ensuring that James’s keynote will be tailored to deliver maximum impact for your event.

  • Contact Us: Fill out the inquiry form on our website or reach out directly via email or phone. We’re here to answer any questions and provide all the information you need.

Step 2: Tailoring Your Experience

James believes in delivering a keynote that resonates deeply with each audience. Once your event is confirmed, we’ll schedule a consultation with James to discuss your event’s goals, themes, and audience insights. This collaborative approach ensures that the keynote is perfectly aligned with your objectives.

  • Customization: Share your vision and challenges with James, and he’ll craft a keynote that addresses your specific needs, drawing from his vast experience and insights.

Step 3: Pre-Event Coordination

Our team will work closely with you to ensure all technical and logistical requirements are met. From AV setup to stage design, we’ll provide clear guidelines and support to ensure a seamless experience on the day of the event.

  • Support: You’ll have a dedicated point of contact for any pre-event queries or requirements, ensuring everything is set for a successful keynote.

Step 4: The Transformative Keynote

Prepare to be inspired, motivated, and equipped with actionable insights as James takes the stage. His keynotes are not only thought-provoking but also engaging, leaving audiences energized and ready to embrace new challenges.

  • Engagement: James’s dynamic presentation style and compelling content will captivate your audience, making your event truly memorable.

Step 5: Post-Event Impact

The journey doesn’t end with the applause. We’re committed to ensuring that the inspiration and strategies shared by James lead to tangible outcomes for your organization.

  • Follow-Up: Expect follow-up resources and support to help implement the key takeaways and maintain the momentum sparked by James’s keynote.

Ready to Transform Your Event?

If you’re looking to inspire creativity, drive innovation, and lead change within your organization, James Taylor is the keynote speaker you need. Contact us today to start the conversation and take the first step towards a truly transformative event.


James specializes in topics related to creativity, innovation, leadership, and the future of work, including the impact of artificial intelligence on industries and the importance of sustainable business practices. Each keynote is customized to align with your event’s theme and audience needs.

James’s keynotes typically range from 45 to 60 minutes, which includes time for a Q&A session. However, the duration can be adjusted to fit your event schedule and format.

Absolutely! Customization is a cornerstone of James’s approach. He works closely with each client to ensure the keynote resonates with the audience and aligns with the event’s objectives, themes, and industry-specific challenges.

James’s team will provide a detailed rider outlining all technical and logistical needs, including AV requirements, staging setup, and any other specifics to ensure a seamless experience. Our team is also available to coordinate with your event planners to address any unique requirements.

Yes, James offers both in-person and virtual keynotes and workshops. Virtual events are delivered with the same level of engagement and customization as in-person sessions, using state-of-the-art technology to connect with audiences worldwide.

To book James, start by submitting an inquiry through our website or contacting us directly via email or phone. Our team will discuss your event details, availability, and how James can best serve your needs. From there, we’ll guide you through the booking process, customization, and event coordination.

We recommend reaching out as early as possible to secure your preferred date, as James’s schedule fills up quickly. However, we understand that events can come together at the last minute and will do our best to accommodate your needs.