Bookshelf Tour 2014

Bookshelf Tour 2014

My name is James Taylor and I’m a bookaholic.

The other day a friend came over to the house and we were talking about the books we had been reading. Over the years I’ve accumulated thousands of books on subjects ranging from philosophy and business to biography and classic non-fiction works. So he suggested I film a little ‘bookshelf tour’ to talk about some of the books in my collection.

What I noticed when filming the tour was that there a around 5-10 books I keep coming back to year after year. I can tell which they are by their dogged look and scribbles in the margins. One of the downsides to the Kindle and other eReaders is that they don’t give you that broad sense of the books you’ve read compared to having everything up on a bookshelf. So enjoy the 2014 ‘Bookshelf Tour’ and I’d love to get your comments.

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