CL032: Caroline Parker on signed singing and art as creative communication

Caroline Parker is an actress, cabaret performer, stand up comedienne, director and expert on signed singing. In 2013 she received an MBE for services to Deaf Drama and Theatre and she has given performances everywhere from the UK’s Houses of Parliament to shopping centres, cabaret bars and festivals. She has performed signed songs at festivals including Glastonbury, TEDx and WOMAD as well as at the 2012 Paralympic Opening Ceremony in London.

In this episode, Caroline tells us about her 3 month tour with a theatre company doing their own version of “Oliver Twist”. Caroline shares with us how Colin Thompson, a postman from a theatre school for deaf people, blew her away  as he was signing songs as part of his showcase. Caroline also talks about her performance of “Bohemian Rhapsody”.

“We all perceived different levels of sound, like people perceived different levels of sight. We’re now all profoundly deaf.”

“Music is vibration”

– Caroline Parker

 Caroline Parker ‘Signed Singing’ Show Notes:

  • What is signed singing (2:19)
  • Misconceptions around signed singing (4:54)
  • Creative process and performance technique (8:40)
  • The impact of spaces on signing singing performances (12:53)
  • Signing a song along side a live singer (24:20)
  • Working with Beverley Knight (24:44)
  • Workshops on signed singing  for young people (28:24)
  • Difference between opera and rap piece (29:30)

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