One of the most prominent players in the Artificial Intelligence space

Fractal selects James Taylor as virtual emcee for their Client Advisory Board

Fractal is one of the most prominent players in the Artificial Intelligence space. Their mission is to power every human decision in the enterprise and brings AI, engineering, and design to help the world’s most admired Fortune 500 companies. Fractal products include to assist radiologists in making better diagnostic decisions, Crux Intelligence to assist CEOs, and senior executives make better tactical and strategic decisions, to improve investment decisions, and to find anomalies in high-velocity data. Fractal has more than 2,000 employees across 16 global locations, including the United States, UK, Ukraine, India, and Australia.

Fractal’s Client Advisory Board (CAB) is an exclusive quarterly meet-up reserved for the most accomplished senior executives of the Fortune 500 companies that Fractal serves. It’s a group of cross-industry leaders who attend the invite-only CAB to stay on top of the latest and greatest in the world of digital transformation, connect with peers from other industries, learn from inspirational leaders and help define Fractal’s strategy. Attendees included CxO’s and VP’s of some of the world’s leading consumer goods, financial services, healthcare, life sciences, insurance, retail, technology, and telecommunications companies.

The theme of CAB was ‘Better Decisions’. Each of the three days included keynotes, fireside chats, peer-to-peer problem solving and innovation showcase. In addition to working closely with the client team in India and the event production team in North America, James also researched and wrote the emcee script for all three days including the welcome address, navigation instructions, introductions to each keynote speaker and breakout session, event survey calls to actions, and closing thank you. James Taylor filmed his emcee segments live from his studio with event production for the CAB being managed by remote teams in India, Canada and the USA. James’ role was also to thread the event theme of ‘Better Decisions’ throughout the three days, facilitate interactive Q&A’s during each of the sessions, and keep the energy high and everything on time.

James used autocue for reading the approved scripts and green screen backgrounds provided by the client. When presenting James also wore clothing that featured the Fractal brand colours and ensured continuity of brand voice and messaging during the event. The final live Client Advisory Board event was highly rated by the attendees as well as the Fractal leadership team.

“Everything about the CAB is a personalized experience, so we had one of ours host the event too. As we moved virtually this year, we wanted to bring in an expert to help us manage it. We collaborated with James. We knew we had success when one of ours asked, “Which team does James work for at Fractal?” James was fast to learn the brand’s tone, style, and message to continue to deliver a personalized experience at the CAB.”

– Sharmila Shah, Global Head Marketing, Fractal.


“James contributed as the emcee towards making our first virtual CAB a huge success. The energy that James brought to the CAB experience and the ability to connect with the audience was exceptional. The interesting anecdotes and well-researched inputs James brought into the script are reflective of the effort put in.”

  Garima Beniwal, Associate Director Marketing, Fractal.


One of the most prominent players in the Artificial Intelligence space


CMO’s, CTO’s, CIO’s




To host and emcee Client Advisory Board event

James Taylor’s Solution:

  • Emcee/Host for 3-Day Virtual Event

James Taylor’s Solution:

  • James Taylor scripted and emceed this three day live virtual event. 
  • The event blended keynotes from industry experts with interactive strategy and Q&A sessions.
  • James Taylor tailored his emcee segments to include client branding, voice and messaging and helped ensure that the client facing event ran smoothly.
  • Client subsequently invited James Taylor to act as emcee for their future quarterly events.