James Taylor excels as virtual emcee for large virtual conference

Globant is an IT and Software Development company that uses the latest technologies in the digital and cognitive fields to transform organizations. They have more than 12,300 employees and are present in 16 countries working for companies like Coca Coca-Cola, Google, American Express, Electronic Arts, Santander, and Unilever, among others. Globant has been featured as a business case study at Harvard, MIT, and Stanford.

Titled “Reinvent the future: A1-powered organizations,” Converge Plus was attended by over 10,000 people and debuted Augmented Coding — Globant’s patented A1-powered solution. With top technology speaker and co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak as a special guest, attendees were invited to discuss and reimagine how artificial intelligence will change business as it is known today. Globant invited James Taylor to be the virtual event host and emcee for the 2.5hr Converge Plus online event. James had previously hosted Globant’s annual Converge online conference.

In addition to liaising with the clients communications and marketing team, James also spoke with some of the keynote speakers and their teams in advance of the event. He then researched and wrote the 3,500 word script for the various event segments including the welcome address, guest speaker and panel introductions, links, social rnedia calls to actions, and closing thank you. James Taylor hosted live from his studio in the UK with event production being managed from another studio in Argentina, and guest speakers joining live from the United States, Argentina, Uruguay and Spain. There were also some pre-recorded panels and presentations and part of Jarnes’ role was to ensure a natural flow between all the sessions on the day.

The highlight of the virtual conference was a 30 minute discussion between Globant co-founder Martin Migoya and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. This was moderated by James with topics being run past various stakeholders in advance of the live event. James also rnoderated a post-event VIP-only virtual meeting where a small group of senior leaders were able to ask questions directly to the Martin Migoya and Steve Wozniak. On the day James used autocue for reading the approved scripts and received a live in-ear and on-screen feed from the event production team in Argentina to ensure everything ran smoothly. James also used a Converge Plus branded animated video green screen background when presenting and chose to wear clothing (tie, pocket square) that featured the clients brand colours. This ensured continuity of branding and messaging throughout the virtual event. The final live interactive virtual event was highly rated by both attendees as well as Globant’s senior leadership.

“We really loved having Jarnes as our host for virtual events. He understood our company values and voice and was able to transrnit them during the virtual sessions. He researched the topics and proposed interesting angles to add to the event, and was able to transmit them to the audience with enthusiasm and charisma that connected with a global audience. We enjoyed working with him, because he felt part of the team, joining us in briefings, dry runs, and rehearsals, and always thinking and proposing new ways of doing things better.”

– Belen Alvarez Toledo, Marketing Lead LATAM at Globant


One of the world’s leading developers of cognitive software.


CxO’s, Senior Managers, Journalists, Software Engineers & Developers




To host and emcee a large virtual client-facing conference

James Taylor’s Solution:

  • 2.5hr Virtual Emcee/Host

James Taylor’s Solution:

  • Over 10,000 people attended this successful virtual event which featured sessions by some of the world’s top technologists.
  • The event blended live and pre-recorded keynotes, presentations, panels, and fireside chats.
  • James Taylor acted as ‘the glue’ for the whole event and provided continuity of client branding and messaging.
  • In his role as virtual event emcee and host James Taylor also moderated both a public and VIP-only fireside chats between Globant’s co-founder Martin