Yanbal International is a global cosmetics, fragrance and jewelry company with $1 billion in annual revenues

James Taylor helps Yanbal executive team unlock their creative potential

Yanbal International is a global cosmetics, fragrance and jewelry company inspired by, and created for women. Founded 51 years ago as a family company with the mission of changing women’s lives, they continue living with the same spirit. Today, their experience within the direct sales industry takes them to 10 countries throughout Latin America, North America and Europe, where they continue to empower over 400,000 women everyday with their business opportunity.

The company prides itself in delivering amazing jewelry, makeup and fragrances. From exclusive raw materials to in-house design and innovation teams, they count on the expertise of private label perfumers, as well as expert designers and jewelry artisans, assuring detailed care behind every creation.

Ownership of their entire supply chain allows them to ensure the highest quality products. A Research and Development Center in the US, an Ingredient Innovation Lab in France, a jewelry design team in New York, 6 factories and 7 distribution centers worldwide enable their constant quest for excellence.

A company inspired by, and created for, women they empower women through their incredible business opportunity and exclusive products. For the woman who is looking to build her own independent business, they provide exceptional rewards and earning possibilities, as well as the support of a business development team to guide her from day one. As for the woman seeking to look her best, they offer specially curated products in their jewelry, makeup and fragrances categories.

James Taylor partnered with Ecuadorian based consultancy Sonder to deliver a one hour speech plus a full-day workshop at Yanbal’s headquarters in Quito for 60 members of their executive team. The morning started with James delivering a 60 minute keynote speech on creativity, innovation and artificial intelligence. The late morning session consisted of James delivering interactive training to the Yanbal team on five different tools to help them generate a higher quantity and quality of new ideas. During this session the participants were put into ten groups of six persons. In the afternoon the participants were trained on tools and techniques for assessing the ideas that they had generated in the morning.

During the sessions new ideas were generated to improve sales processes, reduce costs, accelerate digital transformation, increase quality of marketing content, improve customer experience and develop new product lines for new global markets.

“Thanks for a methodology that opens many doors to innovation and creativity.”

“From a technical point of view, these tools make it much easier to take decisions in terms of innovation.”

“I learned that to be creative, you need to define a space of time, get away from the day to day and have a high-level methodology like that shared by James Taylor.”

“Now we have the tools to maximize the creative we have inside.”

“Thank you for inspiring and recovering the creativity that I have always had. We are all creative!”


Yanbal International is a global cosmetics, fragrance and jewelry company with $1 billion in annual revenues


Senior Leadership




To inspire creativity and accelerate innovation.

James Taylor’s Solution:

  • 60 minute speech
  • 1 day creativity workshop

James Taylor’s Solution:

  • Unlocked 20+ ideas to improve marketing, sales, customer experience and reduce costs
  • 98% of participants now considered themselves creative after the presentation
  • 97% of participants said they would apply James’ creativity tools to their work
  • 98% said the presentation was extremely or very well structured
  • 90% said they would recommend James Taylor as a speaker