Chris Wade of Adastra (Agent Interviews)

Chris Wade from Adastra

Good booking agents are worth their weight in gold. They help build
your live career, book your tours, advise on fees and routing and
generally act as your cheerleader with promoters and festivals.

Music agent Chris Wade founded the Adastra agency nearly thirty
years ago and it is has grown into the UK’s most successful
agency specializing in folk, roots and acoustic music.

I recently stopped in at the Adastra offices in England to interview
Chris and fellow agent Kelly Foley on how musicians can get
an agent, market their music and build successful tours.

Video Highlights:

00:02 – Adastra: Folk, Roots, Acoustic Agency
00:29 – Getting started as a booking agent
00:58 – Phil Cunningham, Aly Bain, Patrick Street, La Bouttine Souriante
02:28 – Getting over ‘phone fear’
03:19 – The average day of a music booking agent
04:41 – The tour booking process; planning, emails, calls and contracts
08:42 – How do you approach promoters and get overseas gigs?
09:33 – Where do we find promoters to pitch?
11:20 – Marketing materials (photos, website, social, EPK, video)
11:58 – How do you select new artists for your roster?
11:24 – How to work with agents?
15:34 – Womex, Showcase Scotland, SXSW, AFO, AWME
18:16 – How to negotiate live fees?
20:55 – Top tip for musicians!

I’ll be publishing an interview with Kelly Foley of Adastra soon
where we go into even more depth on how to achieve success in your live career.

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