Clegg wins first Leaders Debate

Well oh well.  I had hoped Nick Clegg would do well in the leaders debate.  In fact he played a blinder.

More importantly the British public also think he came out the clear winner as the ITV ComRes poll is showing.  Even the Daily Tory has its headline this morning as ‘Shock victory for Nick Clegg as instant polls say he won historic TV showdown’

That Clegg came out the winner might have been a shock to the Daily Mail, but it wasn’t for anyone that has seen Nick up close.  He is a politician of real substance and conviction.  By allowing the Lib Dems the same stage as the Labservatives the public are seeing that there is an alternative at this election.

The part that confused me was why Cameron was so weak and passive?  Apart from his closing speech he had a terrible night.  Tory’s wealthy supporters must be fuming tonight.  Meanwhile Gordon Brown seems to be setting things up for a Labour-Lib Dem government by constantly agreeing with Nick.

I was in Dunfermline yesterday canvassing voters with Willie Rennie and the comment I heard time and time again on the doorsteps was ‘I’m a Labour voter but I’m going to give the Lib Dems a shot this time’.  People are fed up with Labour but have long enough memories to remember the horrors of a Tory government.  The tag team of Clegg and Cable is striking a chord with the public.

The reason why I am so excited with this election is that by having these new TV debates there is no going back to the old Red-Blue duopoly.  Personally I’m really fired up following Nick’s performance and I can’t wait to get back out canvassing tomorrow to get the voters views.

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