Copenhagen Keynote Speaker

Copenhagen Keynote Speaker

Copenhagen Keynote Speaker: Idea Of the Centaur Mindset

Good morning from Copenhagen in Denmark. James Taylor here, keynote speaker on creativity, innovation, and future trends.


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Copenhagen Keynote Speaker

Today, I’m actually on my way to go and speak at a conference. I’m walking through this beautiful airport here in Copenhagen. And as I’m walking through here, I just noticed statues of the mermaid, the famous mermaid that’s here in Copenhagen. And we’re going to visit the last time I was here. And it’s interesting because I’ll probably use this idea of the mermaid in my speech this week because I’m going to be talking about this idea of centaurs, which is half human, half something else, half beast creatures, and every country I speak in the world, whether it’s here in Denmark, or South America, or Africa or Asia, you all we always have something called centaurs in culture, lots of different versions of it. But basically, the Centaur brings give this idea of the human and something else. And today, as we start to work into this new order of things, artificial intelligence, machine learning robotics, we are going to see a lot more. This idea of the Centaur is a little bit of video here just now from a talk I recently gave in Istanbul, where I kind of talked about this concept of the centaurs.

Idea Of The Centaur Mindset

These hybrid collaboration systems are called centaurs, after the half-human, half-beast creatures of ancient mythology. A modern version of this would be in the movie Ironman, we had the Tony Stark character played by Robert Downey Jr. and has an AI assistant called Jarvis. And together, Tony Stark and Jarvis built and create these amazing things. And when you apply this idea of a Centaur Mindset to doing any type of creative or innovative work, I call this Supercreativity

Copenhagen Keynote Speaker

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