CL033: Corey Congilio on finding a great creative coach

Nashville based guitarist, producer, creative coach exponent and guitar instructor Cory Congilio has taught hundreds of students ranging from age 6 to 80 and on at least six top selling courses for Truefire. Corey is now an artist clinician for Martin Guitars.

In this episode of The Creative Life Podcast, he tells us about how he started playing saxophone and when he realized he can’t sing and play saxophone at the same time and how that drew him to playing guitar. Corey talks about how he started playing professionally at the age of 18. He also shares with us his teaching experiences and Truefire courses.

As long as you’re just trying to be the best version of you, you’re always going to have success and when you’re trying to bark up all these different trees nobody’s really going to hear you, but if you just stay in your lane and continue to cultivate who you are, people will notice.

– Corey Congilio

 Corey Congilio “finding a creative coach” Show Notes:

  • Discovering Truefire (5:15)
  • Moving to Nashville (7:40)
  • Nashville “Music City” (9:23)
  • Completing his 5 song E.P (14:11)
  • Managing his schedule and focusing on his own thing (15:01)
  • There’s no shame in getting help (16:58)
  • Finding a coach (18:45)
  • Learn to sound like the artist and not like yourself (24:47)
  • Getting you to be the best version of yourself (27:25)
  • Don’t try to impress Nashville (38:06)

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