CL052: Corrin Campbell on life as a rock musician in the US Army

Corrin Campbell is a vocalist, bassist and songwriter with the band Dash|Ten and who is also an active-duty soldier in the United States Army. As a US army musician, Sgt Corrin Campbell is the only original music artist to be endorsed by a brand of the US military and while deployed in Iraq with the 1st Cavalry Division she would frequently travel by Blackhawk helicopters to entertain soldiers across the country. She is now employed as the featured artist with the US Army Musical Outreach Team and says “My Army career fine tuned me into a self-aware and objective musician. I learned to acknowledge my weaknesses so they could be strengthened.”

In this episode of The Creative Life Podcast Corrin shares with us her primary function as a soldier by touring and playing her original music on music festivals and high schools. She also tells us about how teens respond to the kind of work she does.

“The most important part for me of being creative is finding a connection with people like me.”

“It’s important to understand what people don’t understand and be able to respond to it emotionally.”

– Corrin Campbell

Corrin Campbell ‘US Army Musician’ Show Notes:

  • Being a musician in a war zone (6:54)
  • Victor Wooten (16:12)
  • Dealing with haters (21:47)
  • Differences between the life of a musician in the military and a civilian musician (25:12)
  • How much a US Army musician makes (27:33)
  • Mindfulness (31:49)

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