CL077: Cory Gregory & John Fosco on business and biceps

Cory Gregory & John Fosco

In this episode of The Creative Life Podcast I talk with Cory Gregory and John Fosco, hosts of the Business and Biceps podcast, a show that helps people get stronger in business, fitness, and motivation. Cory is the co-founder of Sports Nutrition powerhouse MusclePharma and is a top trainer and leader on diet and nutrition. As a way to save for college, Cory worked as an underground coal miner until he opened a gym at the age of 20. Since then he has gone onto compete in some of the world’s biggest power lifting competitions, he has been featured on the cover of 11 fitness magazines, and was recently added to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s fitness advisory board. Meanwhile John Fosco is a serial entrepreneur and started Active8Media which has become an industry leading marketing agency for athletes and entertainers. A veteran in sports marketing, Fosco represents a number of popular UFC and MMA fighters. Together Cory and John are doing very creative and cool things.

 ‘Business and Biceps’ Show Notes:

  • Business and Biceps
  • Crushing it
  • Learning from Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Starting a record label
  • Confidence
  • It’s OK not to be an entrepreneur
  • How to build 700,000 Twitter followers
  • Finding a voice for your brand

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