CL046: Cory Huff on how to sell your art online

In this episode of The Creative Life Podcast Cory Huff talks about how to sell your art online. He is a Portland based digital strategist and owner of Abundant Artist, a business which helps talented artists to sell their art and also looks to dispel the starving artist myth. Cory does this by providing business coaching for artists as well as creating awesome online courses including Facebook Marketing for Artists and Selling Art on Instagram. In addition to his work as a digital strategist he is also an actor, storyteller, director and photographer so is very much in touch with the challenges facing today’s creatives.

Cory talks about his program original practice Shakespeare. He shares with us about how he started his craft on selling through his different college jobs experiences and his natural gift for talking to people. He also tells us about how he enjoys talking about himself and listening to what other people have to say about themselves.

“I would start talking to as many people as I could and figure out how I can be valuable to them.”

– Cory Huff

 Cory Huff on “how to sell your art online” Show Notes:

  • How to sell your course online (7:24)
  • The importance of narrative for selling art (10:50)
  • Using Facebook Ads to sell your art (12:41)
  • Mormon playwrights (21:42)
  • When do you become a good artist (25:00)
  • Mental illness and drug use (28:50)

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