James Taylor Creative Business Coaching is one-on-one coaching to help you build your business, automate your marketing, increase your sales and break into new markets.

Creative business coaching, unlike general business coaching, is focused more on working with business-owners, entrepreneurs, founders, CEO’s, and senior leaders in businesses and organizations where creativity and innovation is key. For over 20 years James Taylor has been a coach to both aspiring and proven creative business leaders in Silicon Valley, New York, London, Italy and Asia.

As your creative business coach James Taylor will also be your guide, mentor and trusted advisor who will help you set and realize your creative business dreams and goals.

If you ask most successful business leaders you will discover they have had one or multiple coaches or mentors as they’ve built their business. Together you and James Taylor will develop a strategy and plan that fits with your business objectives, talents and personality. In addition to working with creative leaders around the world James’s strategies are based on the latest research in business management, marketing automation, entrepreneurship, change management, organizational culture and sales psychology.

James Taylor holds a Masters in Business Administration (M.B.A.), was awarded the S.D. Southern Prize in International Marketing, and ‘ONTARpreneur of the Year’ from marketing automation leaders ONTRAPORT. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts (F.R.S.A.) whose Fellows have included global innovators and creative entrepreneurs including Adam Smith and Sir Tim Berners-Lee (founder of the World Wide Web).

James will help you clarify your business objectives, set and achieve your goals, while building a business that does good.

With James Taylor as your creative business coach you will create real breakthroughs with your business.


So what can you expect from your business coaching with James Taylor?

Much life a personal trainer is to fitness, a creative business coach will help you transform your new, growing or established business by unlocking the creative potential of you and your team.

In your initial strategy session you take the 40,000ft view and discuss your vision and objectives for your business as well as any barriers that have been holding your growth back. In this strategy session James will help you refine your business objectives, highlight areas you will need to develop to achieve these objectives, and begin to map a path to achieving them.

Your subsequent coaching sessions James will help you understand the psychology of the top 1% of creative entrepreneurs, develop systems and process to automate and scale your business so both you and it can achieve exponential growth. As someone with decades of experience working with creative entrepreneurs like you, James is a skilled coach and advisor who will help you go deep by asking questions and helping you reflect on where your business is now and how big you want to grow it.

If you are want to start, build and grow a creative business but don’t know how then it’s time to get started with James Taylor Creative Business coaching. Schedule your initial Strategy Session today.


Do have a vision for your creative business – to start it, to grow it, to build something that provides you with financial freedom and does good in the world? Find out how a creative business coach can help.


Having a creative business coach is similar in many ways to having a business coach or executive coach. However creative business coaches specifically work with individuals who are building businesses requiring high levels of creativity and innovation.


Want to know if a creative business coach is right for you? Here is how you know.


As a creative business coach James is there to be your trusted coach and advisor and to give you with proven, tailored guidance as you build your business. A good creative business coach will help you clarify your vision, define your objectives and create a robust strategy and plan to get you there. Your creative business coach will work with you to assess your strategic options, develop your confidence and skills as a business leader, and challenge any beliefs or assist you in breaking through any blocks (personal or organizational), that are holding your business back.

A creative business coach is an invaluable advisor for those who have a clear vision but are lacking in a step-by-step strategy and plan to get there.

However if you are still trying to figure out what kind of ‘creative business’ you want to start, or really need help in putting a business growth plan together then a creative business coach can deliver an excellent ROI.

We recommend starting with at least one year of coaching. The first few sessions will about setting your creative vision, objectives and agreeing on a strategic plan. During those sessions James will also assess which skills-gaps, limiting beliefs or business bottlenecks that may be hindering your growth. In addition to working with you on overcoming those, James will help you implement some daily rituals and practices to both develop your skills as a creative business leader craft but to also build creative confidence, resilience and stickability.

It begins with a free 30-minute Introductory Strategy Session. During that first session you and James will identify three bottlenecks in the growth of your business. Also during that introductory session you’ll begin to define what building a creative business and culture means for you and which objectives you want to pursue. After your first session, you can sign up for coaching with James to keep you accountable and receive 1-on-1 coaching each fortnight via phone or Skype to keep you on track.

To start growing your creative business, increasing sales and automating your marketing, schedule a free 30-minute strategy session today. On that session your creative business coach James Taylor will help you in clarifying the vision for your business, define your objectives, and take next steps to get you there.