CL070: Dr Mark Goulston on the creative leadership of Steve Jobs

Dr Mark Goulston

In this episode of The Creative Life Podcast I talk about creative leadership with Dr Mark Goulston MD who is a Los Angeles based business advisor, consultant, coach and confidante to CEOs and Board Chairmen. Dr Goulston’s special power is his skill at increasing people’s ability to “get through” to anyone which is why executives at GE, Disney and Coca-Cola have him on speed dial. He has appeared on Oprah, The Today Show and CNN as well as writing for Huffington Post, Psychology Today, and the Harvard Business Review. In addition to this he is an FBI and police hostage negotiator trainer, a professor of psychiatry at UCLA for 25 years and author of seven books on everything from post-traumatic stress disorder and overcoming self-defeating behaviour to how to deal with and get through to absolutely anyone.

Dr Mark Goulston ‘Creative Leadership’ Show Notes:

  • Reverse engineering violence and anger (2:00)
  • Powerlessness and humiliation (4:04)
  • The power of impotent rage (5:00)
  • Suicide prevention (6:35)
  • Empathy (10:00)
  • Being a PAL (12:45)
  • Founder coaching (14:00)
  • Steve Jobs – Visionary Thinkers vs Visionary Leaders (15:40)
  • Joy of discovery (22:05)
  • Shiny object syndrome (22:50)
  • Turning founders in to CEOs (24:50)
  • Being an empath (31:36)
  • The calling – making the world safe (36:20)
  • Prove, Show, Hide, Please (36:20)

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