CL175: Extreme Creativity – Interview with Cyriel Kortleven

Cyriel Kortleven
Cyriel Kortleven is a global speaker and author on creativity and change. A digital nomad who believes in inspiring others, changing mindsets and in the idea that ‘less is beautiful’, he is the author of four books and when not speaking on stages you might find him at the Burning Man festival or climbing up a ladder.
In this episode, we cover:
  • 2:29 – Creative thinking training
  • 3:47 – Thought Leader or Curator + Simplifier
  • 5:40 – Being a curator of knowledge
  • 6:26 – Your last day on earth
  • 8:32 – Beginning with the end in mind
  • 11:04 – Writing a book
  • 13:28 – Idea killers
  • 14:38 – Burning Man Festival
  • 16:21 – Extreme Creativity
  • 17:19 – Ladders and Bananas
  • 20:39 – Stage props for speakers

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creativity blueprint

creativity blueprint

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