Direct-to-Learner and Direct-to-Student Platforms


Someone asked me the other day what I did for a living so I created the term Direct-to-Learner™ or Direct-to-Student™ business to describe it.

Direct-to-fan is a business model that has been around for a while, where musicians bypass the major label system to sell direct to their fans.  In a similar way the Direct-to-Learner™ model allows teachers, instructors, educators and brands to provide education directly to their students and customers and bypasses traditional institutions such as universities, colleges, schools or education publishers.

Direct-to-Learner™ allows anyone to build and leverage a community of learners throughout their career and lets the instructor (or the team that supports that instructor) create interest in their method or lessons directly with their students, identify those students, market directly to and develop relationships with those students, sell directly to and monetize those relationships, and use those relationships to expand their student base.

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