CL048: Emma Pask on how to take care of your voice and the creative mindset

Emma Pask

Emma Pask is the leading voice on the Australian Jazz scene. She performed the bridal waltz at the wedding of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban and you’ll frequently hear her singing on TV commercials and radio ads in Australia. Her voice is everywhere. Internationally she has performed in China with the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and in London with the BBC Concert Orchestra and the BBC Big Band and was in series 2 of The Voice Australia with judges that included Ricky Martin. In this episode of The Creative Life Podcast, Emma tells us about the pros and cons of being an independent artist, on how to take care of your voice and the creative mindset.

” If you want to keep this truck moving forward, You gotta do it yourself. “

– Emma Pask

Emma Pask “Creative Mindset” Show Notes:

  • Jim Bostock (9:30)
  • Australian nature (13:00)
  • Health issue (15:06)
  • Emma’s New album “Cosita Divina” (16:28)
  • Joining The Voice Australia (21:31)

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