Steve Jobs and EduTech

I’m fortunate to work with some pretty cool people at Music EduTech company ArtistWorks.  Our team members in Napa, New York and LA are re-imagining music education for the 21st Century and it’s all because our company founder David Butler has a vision for how anyone, in any country, can learn from some of the […]

School of Dobro with Andy Hall announced

My team and I at ArtistWorks have been quietly working away at signing some of the world’s best musicians and teachers with the intention of launching a string of online music schools over the next couple of months.  It’s with great pleasure that today we’ve announced that award winning dobroist Andy Hall (Dolly Parton, Wynona, […]

Derek Sivers ‘Anything You Want’ – Video Book Review

Derek Sivers, founder of CDBaby, has a cracking new book on the market which reads like a manifesto for the 21st Century entrepreneur.  ‘Anything You Want’ is one of the best books on entrepreneurship I’ve read in a while.  If you don’t believe me here is what Tim Ferriss is saying about it: ‘Derek is […]

Just Say No

Early on in your career you say yes to every offer, project or task because you are scared that it could be the one that transforms your life.  After a couple of years, when things are hopefully going well, you still say yes to everything because you don’t want to disappoint people by saying no.  […]

Tim Ferriss and Chase Jarvis ‘Top Tips’

Just finished watching a fascinating interview with Tim Ferriss (Four Hour Work Week, Four Hour Body) and photographer Chase Jarvis where they discuss creativity and entrepreneurship.  I’m a HUGE fan of Tim and had the pleasure of meeting him a couple of months ago in San Francisco at a film premiere.  This is a long […]