Finding Your Creative Voice: The Bridge Of Creativity

Finding Your Creative Voice: The Bridges Of Creativity

The other day, I was having a conversation with Seth Godin. It was part of our SuperCreativity Podcast. And we were getting into a conversation about how you define and how you refine your creative voice. 


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James Taylor  

Modality To Communicate

I say one of the things I really like about his writing, it has a very naturalistic tone. I can read his work. And it sounds like the way that he speaks. There’s, there’s a natural flow into this. I said, Did you always have this ability to write in that very clear and natural way? And he said, No, he said, it’s something that he learned to develop. And as we were getting into the conversation, I asked him, this question is that when you have your you know, the idea of your idea, maybe you’re on a walk, and you’re an idea comes to you for an article, or a speech or just a random idea comes in the shower, for example, what is your preferred modality to communicate the idea, because I think it’s different for everyone, we all have preferences when it comes to the modality in which we like to share our voice. 

Now, some people, when they have the idea in the shower in the morning, immediately will go and paint it. Other people will write a song about it, some people will go and sit and write it down in their journal or write a blog post about it. Other people will film a video like this as the first thing they will think to do is just go and film a video about it, other people will tweet it because that is their preferred mode of communication. And I think we all have a preference for one of these. Finding Your Creative Voice: The Bridge Of Creativity

And so I asked him, like when you get your, your ideas, how do they present themselves to you and what’s your preferred modality. And he said, When his ideas came to him, he thinks in terms of blog posts, you know, there’s 250, to 300-word blog posts that he’s kind of known for. And he said, what has been interesting about my thinking is that immediately having an idea and thinking in terms of blog posts, is actually allowed him to improve the quality of speaking, as well, because, in order to speak, he used this ability to write in a blog post almost as that bridge. So that was his preferred way, that was his natural way’s natural modality for sharing his ideas. And then it almost acted like a bridge to speaking. Finding Your Creative Voice: The Bridge Of Creativity

Learn To Improvise

And this reminded me of, so another great creative Martin Taylor, jazz guitarist. And he teaches something called to think, sing, play. And it’s about how you can learn to improvise. So if you’ve ever had to learn to improvise on a musical instrument, for example, you know, it’s kind of difficult at first, improvising feels like quite a heavy word. It feels like some of those jazz musicians do not that maybe any other kind of musician could do. But it is not really as basically theme variation. And he said, Sometimes what we need is we need a bridge, to take us from the idea that we have in our head to be able to express that on our preferred instrument, in his case is the guitar. 

So the bridge that he uses is singing. So this is the way it works. He said, If you want to be really good at improvising on the guitar, or any musical instrument, you first have to think of the idea. I rather immediately trying to play the idea, you have to find this bridge this thing in the middle. And he says to try and sing it. So you think the idea, did it it did it I think the idea you so you sing it, you sing the idea, that editor, and then you try and play what you’ve just sung, you don’t try and play what you just thought. Finding Your Creative Voice: The Bridge Of Creativity

By having this little bridge in the middle. It allows you to make that connection. Now gradually, as you become more skilled in what you do. In the middle part of his case, the singing can drop away You don’t have to sing in order to get into allows to kind of create that bridge to transport your idea onto the fretboard as a guitarist. 

So think about this for yourself, let’s say if you want to be you wouldn’t really want to develop your speaking skills. Something we can often do is if you’re more of a natural writer, that’s fine. That can be your bridge, for example. So if you had the idea in the shower in the morning, go and writing, get start writing as quickly as possible. And then use that to then jump on and create a little part of your speech from what you’ve just written. Another way you could do it is maybe if you like video, like creating video, maybe that’s your bridge. So you think the idea, create a quick little video about it. That helps you kind of refine the idea a little bit more and then you can Have a speech about part of that or use part of that in your speech. So using a bridge, think, sing, play, think you’re right speak, think filum speak, think speak, right? We always have these preferences for modalities. And some of them just allow us to have jumping-off points. Finding Your Creative Voice: The Bridge Of Creativity

So think about this yourself, what is your preferred modality? And I think in the process of that it will actually help you find your voice. Please leave in the comments below what your preferred modality is how you like to initially express yourself and whether you use this as a bridge to express your voice in other forms.

Finding Your Creative Voice: The Bridge Of Creativity

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