CL051: Gary Catona on singing, voice building and the creative coach

Gary Catona is a huge star in the world of voice building, he is a creative coach and understands what it takes to get the most from your voice. His client list is incredible, everyone from  Whitney Houston to Andrea Bocelli to Tony Bennett to Babyface. But actually interestingly he has also worked with people who are not necessarily singers, but want to improve their speech as well. He has worked with one of the co founders of Google, Muhammad Ali, and Larry Carlton.

In this episode of The Creative Life Podcast, Gary shares with us how he manages his daily schedule. He talks about  his upcoming projects including a documentary, working with Google and a project that is exciting him the most, a TV Show in search for the next Whitney Houston.

”There are lots of people that are passionate about what they want to do, but they never succeed. Because they’re doing it thoughtlessly. You have to combine clear thinking, with passion and with discipline. It’s the only way to go.”

– Gary Catona

Gary Catona Voice Builder and Creative Coach Show Notes:

  • Time Management (4:40)
  • The combination of learning how to be creative and discipline (6:00)
  • Voice Builder (9:01)
  • The Ultimate Diva Show (11:41)
  • Clear thinking, Passion and Discipline (14:15)
  • Shirley Maclaine (19:25)
  • Experimentation (20:45)
  • Philosophy (27:20)

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