How To Increase Creativity Using “Mise En Place”

How to Increase Creativity Using “Mise En Place”

Increase Creativity Using “Mise En Place”

I want to talk to you about how you can design your workplace in order to help you do your most creative work.


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Hey there, it’s James Taylor here, keynote speaker on creativity and innovation and the founder of SuperCreativityU today, I want to talk to you about how you can design your workplace in order to help you do your most creative work.

“Mise En Place”

Hi, it’s James Taylor he a keynote speaker on creativity, innovation, and artificial intelligence and the founder of SuperCreativityU, I want to ask you to think about the physical space where you tend to work that desk or that living room table or wherever is you spending most of your time doing that kind of creative work that you do.

I want you to think about what is on around you what is within arm’s length of you, when you sit, there could be a laptop, could be a device, it could be a notepad, it could be a phone, it could be some something as what is around you, within reach. And the reason I asked this is what you tend to find with some of the most skilled experienced creative thinkers, innovators, is they have what in the world of cooking we call a “mise en place”, it was in French. So amazing place is in the case of a chef, a great, amazing creative chef, they will ensure that their most important ingredients and things that need to get their hands on like their, their tools, their best knives, they have certain patterns that they use all the time, certain things from measuring cups, certain key ingredients, they are all within arm’s length, they’re in what’s called that “mise en place”. And that allows them to be more efficient with their creative work. 

Now, if you think about that, I know for myself, as a speaker, if I go and speak on stage, while I can’t control lots of things about the environment, but you know, things that are going on in the audience, sometimes even the sound other things that go on the screens behind me, I can control this little kind of space around me that can include my, my clicker, certain things like props are used in my hands as well, this is my “mise en place”. If you’re a musician, you know, you might have certain things, easy reach within what you do. If you’re a designer, you’re gonna have certain things within easy reach of what you do. 

So what we have to do in this mise en place, we have to ensure because these are the things that we’re going to go to first and going to easiest to get, we need to make sure that those are things are kind of supporting the creative, creative work we’re doing and not kind of maybe holding us back, you can also start to interrupt your creative process and ness as well. Maybe you’ve just been doing things for the same time for certain, you know, you’ve been going through the ropes a little bit just doing the same, same thing. Maybe this is an opportunity to switch up your “mise en place”, those things that are within reach. I know lots of people within the world of sales, and for them, their “mise en place” is the laptop, their phone, and they’ll have something right next to them, where they can easily mark up your calls. You know, they’ll actually have some physical thing you know, a bell every time that they do a deal, little physical things that they have around them in order to support the creative work that they’re doing. 

So think about that in your own creative work, wherever it may be. What is in your “mise en place”, what is in your physical environment within arm’s length. Are those things supporting – How to Increase Creativity Using “Mise En Place”

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