CL239: How To Unlock Success – Interview with Robert Glazer

how to unlock success 

How To Unlock Success

James Taylor interviews Robert Glazer and they talk about how to unlock success.

Robert Glazer is the founder and CEO of Acceleration Partners, and the author of “Elevate: Push Beyond Your Limits and Unlock Success in Yourself and Others”. The book explains how to grow capacity as both an individual and a leader through the four elements of capacity building, Spiritual, Intellectual, Physical and Emotional. Since instilling these ideas into Acceleration Partners, his company has been recognized in Glassdoor’s Employees’ Choice Awards, Entrepreneur’s Top Company Culture, Inc. Magazine’s Best Places to Work and Fortune’s Best Small and Medium Workplaces.

In this episode, we cover:
  • 1:56 – Friday Forward
  • 4:05 – How to define your corporate culture
  • 5:56 – The phases of leadership development
  • 10:09 – What is capacity building?
  • 12:01 – Making down payments on your goals
  • 13:27 – Knowing your core values
  • 15:07 – Principles vs Rules
  • 15:51 – Process goals vs outcome goals
  • 17:50 – BUILD
  • 19:41 – Writing the book you need to read
  • 23:22 – Value heirarchy

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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