If Carlsberg made dentists

Cherrybank waiting room

Just before I left the UK my friend and Scottish uber-agent Douglas Gillespie told me about a very different kind of dental practice he’s discovered.  First off if you’re anything like me you treat going to the dentist with a mix of dread and annoyance.  Douglas was telling me about this amazing Dental surgery (they actually call it a Dental Spa) in Perth & Edinburgh called Cherrybank.  Here are a couple of things that make is very cool:

  • You are offered a foot massage while you wait.
  • They offer warm neck pillows for you to rest your head against and warm hand mittens, both of which are scented with lavender to ensure your comfort and set your mind at ease. The scent will soothe your senses, relaxing you before and during your appointment.
  • All patients also have a choice of ipods with BOSE headphones or amazing DVD goggles so that they can enjoy their favorite tv show, movies or music during treatment. They even offer anti-anxiety medication that you may take before your appointment if you are feeling any apprehension.
  • Knowing that everyone hates the antiseptic smell associated with dental surgeries they bake fresh bread onsite every morning to fill the place with a welcoming aroma.

The media like to harp on about how Scotland has poor levels of service but I think Cherrybank just goes to show how you can make something ordinary quite extrordinary.  As soon as I return back to the UK I’ll be changing dentist to these guys.  Things like lavender and the smell of baking bread, comfortable furniture and neck pillows don’t cost the earth but transform the experience for the customer.  So if you live in Edinburgh or Perth check it out.  Here’s the video.


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