Innovation Keynote Speaker in Chicago

Innovation Keynote Speaker in Chicago

Innovation Keynote Speaker

Hey there, it’s James Taylor here, keynote speaker on creativity, innovation, and future trends. Today, I’m in Chicago, Illinois. And I’m here because I’m keynoting a conference in a few hours’ time.


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Chicago Innovation Keynote Speaker

And it’s a law firm conference. Actually, it’s lots of law firms that are coming together. They’re sending all their senior partners. Their managing partners all around the world. We have people from Japan, from all parts of Asia, Latin America, Europe, and of course, here in North America.


And the topic that they brought me to speak about is innovation, specifically how law firms and legal firms can innovate better. And the key thing I’m going to be talking about really is collaboration, and how we deepen collaboration, both within law firms and also across different law firms. So different firms can collaborate with each other. And in order to build the pie, increase the size of the pie and their businesses. Now, one of the interesting things last night, we were at dinner, and we went to an amazing restaurant, the client, for this particular event organized for us all to go to a restaurant, it was one of Frank Sinatra, and Al Capone’s favorite restaurants, great restaurant.

So we’re sitting there, and we’re kind of having a conversation with some of the partners from these different law firms. And one of the things that we kind of all pretty much agreed on is that productivity stayed pretty high during the pandemic, all these law firms, professional service firms, and many businesses were able to transfer pretty quickly to working virtually working online. So productivity actually stayed held better than many people thought it would. But the thing that really suffered was innovation, innovation, and culture, which were the two things I see that many companies are bringing me in today to talk about because it really got pushed down further. And it was much more difficult to do in a virtual context.

So one of the great things here is all these people coming from all over the world, they’ll have different perspectives, different skills, different expertise. And it reminded me of something that Andy Jassie from Amazon said the other day, and he said one of the reasons we want people coming back together and collaborating physically in the same spaces together, is because we just weren’t riffing the same way was his expression here in Chicago is famous for the blues and jazz. And I’m actually gonna be talking about the role of riffing and improvisation as a way of improving collaboration in law firms. So let me show you a little bit of footage from today. And maybe you’re a law firm. Maybe you’re a legal network you want to bring me in to come to speak at your next conference. Go and check out Lots more information there. We have case studies from some of the big global 50 law firms that I work with. Check this out.

Innovation Keynote Speaker in Chicago

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