Inspiring Keynote Speaker Martin Laschkolnig On Connecting With Audiences

Inspiring Keynote Speaker Martin Laschkolnig On Connecting With Audiences

In this excerpt from International Speakers Summit, inspiring keynote speaker Martin Laschkolnig talks about how the best speeches are co-creations. To listen to the full interview just register for a Free Pass at To watch the full interview get your Free Pass HERE.

What we cover in the full interview:

  • Techniques for overcoming stage fear
  • The benefits of joining speakers associations
  • Finding a wing to climb under


Martin Laschkolnig is the founder and director of the Institut fur Potentialentwicklung (Institute for the developing of potential) in Linz, Austria. He is the 2015-2017 National President of the German Speakers Association ( and has been an inspirational speaker and seminar leader to audiences from San Diego to Dubai and in many countries in Europe. He is an expert for motivation, self-esteem and confidence and how these affect leaders, their teams and the performance of enterprises and how to attain inner peace while achieving great things in the world. Combining an economic education and entrepreneurial background with years of studies in Buddhist Philosophy and Theory of Perception with Tibetan monks in India led to a new and different approach to view and solve our problems. Some of his programs are “Moving Mountains Together”, “Miracle Confidence – 5 steps to an engaged workforce” and “80% less stress in 80 seconds? Relief is just a tap away” and “When you trust the flow of life it will carry you – tapping into the power of surrender”

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