It’s not What you believe, it’s Why you believe it

I’ve been following the Labour party leadership contest recently and I’ve been trying to put my finger on why none of the candidates are particuarly inspiring.  The answer came from a video I’ve just watched by anthropologist Simon Sinek at a recent TED conference where he talks about a model for inspirational leadership.

Balls, Milliband,  Milliband,  Abbott, McDonnell & Burnham ask…How Can I Get Elected Leader?

Party activists ask…Which of them will get us back in power?

Special interest groups ask……Who is most on our side?

By as Simon Sinek shows in his video, and this has been the case with all the great leaders, it’s not about What or How but rather Why.  Why did each of the candidates get involved in politics in the first place.  What is their purpose?  Why do they get out of bed in the morning?

My major criticism of the SNP as a party has always been that while they bang on about an independent Scotland I don’t see that as a compelling purpose and obviously neither do 72% of Scots.  If I heard Salmond say the reason he jumps out of bed in the morning (now don’t laugh) was because he wanted to make Scotland a fair and compassionate society I might be more willing to listen to his arguments for independence.

Anyway enjoy the video and when you watch the coverage of the Labour leadership contest on TV just think about Sinek’s message.

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