CL148: How The Creative Brain Works – Interview with James Mapes

James Mapes

James Mapes is a modern Renaissance man combining life as a speaker, peak performance coach, best-selling author, clinical hypnotist, award-winning performer and professional actor. Indeed the Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen once quizzed James on how he was able to get so much done in his life. His answer…’Because no one told me I couldn’t”. James is considered as the world’s foremost authority on applied imagination and inspires, motivates and educates others on developing the unlimited potential of their creative imagination. His latest book is called “IMAGINE THAT! Igniting Your Brain for Creativity and Peak Performance’.

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In this episode, we cover:

  • Harnessing your imagination
  • Washington Speakers Bureau
  • Saying ‘Yes’ to opportunities
  • Creating a vision statement
  • A vision directed life vs a goal directed life
  • Letting go
  • The lemon exercise
  • Why everyone should take an acting class
  • What James did when he found out he only had a few weeks to live
  • The power of attitude

creativity blueprint
Resources mentioned in this episode:

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creativity blueprint

creativity blueprint

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