CL173: Unsafe Thinking, Intuition, Ego and Creativity – Interview with Jonah Sachs

Jonah Sachs
Jonah Sachs is an author, speaker and viral marketing trailblazer whose pioneering approaches to digital media were critical in bringing the ideals of social change—such as equity, empowerment, responsibility, transparency, and advocacy—to the forefront of business and popular culture. Jonah’s work and opinions have been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, FOX News, Sundance Film Festival, NPR. Sachs also pens a column for Fast Company, which named him one of today’s 50 most influential social innovators. He is the founder and a partner of Free Range Studios, a brand and innovation company that transforms companies through unsafe thinking and his latest book is called Unsafe Thinking: How to Be Nimble and Bold When You Need it Most.
In this episode, we cover:
  • 2:16 – Storytelling
  • 3:55 – The problem with becoming an expert
  • 6:25 – Threat perceptions
  • 7:19 – The role of anxiety in creativity
  • 10:48 – Lessons from Burning Man
  • 11:22 – Political correctness and creativity
  • 14:11 – When to trust your intuition
  • 17:27 – Trust but verify
  • 19:40 – The role of ego in creativity

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