CL049: Kira Small on writing for the row, morning pages and creative fears

Nashville based singer-songwriter Kira Small’s strong, sexy, whiskey-tinged soul music has won her a loyal fanbase. She is a nationally touring artist, 2015 International Songwriting Competition Finalist, 2012 Independent Music Awards winner and former member of Berklee College of Music’s Voice Faculty. Her voice, which has a rare blend of jazz, soul and blues, has also made her one of Nashville’s most in-demand session vocalists. She’s toured or recorded with Willie Nelson, Garth Brooks, Peter Frampton and Wynona Judd. The Grammy award-winning songwriter Mike Reid summed her up best by saying that she “sounds like a neat glass of single malt in a world of Michelob Ultra”.

In this episode of The Creative Life Podcast Kira talks about releasing her epic break up album entitled “3 am”. She tells us about her new website, new blog series and her tour dates. She also shares with us how singing came first before she could talk, how she started and developed her writing in Nashville.

“Keep doing it and keep pushing past that fear.”

“Tell the truth. Be real. Be yourself.”

– Kira Small

Kira Small ‘Writing For The Row” Show Notes:

  • The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron (3:01)
  • Breakup records (7:27)
  • Early morning pages (8:01)
  • On writing “I will raise my voice” (9:25)
  • Writing for the row  (12:21)
  • Getting a song to Oprah (14:10)
  • Overcoming your fear of success (15:26)
  • How to run a music crowdfunding campaign (17:09)
  • PledgeMusic (17:34)

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