Married to Bhutan – Video Book Review

Bhutan has always been one of those countries that has interested me ever since I heard that the King said he’d rather have Gross National Happiness than Gross National Product for his people.  Linda Leaming’s new book ‘Married to Bhutan’ (affiliate link) tells her fascinating story of how she went on a vacation to Bhutan and never came back.  In the process she got married, did lots of interesting things and in her words ‘found bliss’.

If you are a fan of travel, environmentalism or buddhism I think you’ll enjoy this book.  For the romantics amongst you the story of how Linda fell in love, married and created a life with her husband is really beautiful.

The downside to this books is that before you get halfway through you’ll be planning how you can visit Bhutan.  This is probably not what Linda had in mind when she wrote it but as word of this book spreads I can see the Bhutanese Tourism Board getting lots of calls!

So if you are looking for a gentle, uplifting summer read then ‘Married to Bhutan’ could be for you.


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