CL022: Maya Azucena on advocating for art as power

Maya Azucena is an award-winning singer, songwriter and social activist. Brooklyn based Maya describes herself as sounding like “The Roots if fronted by a singer with 4-octaves” or a “female Bruno Mars” and Billboard, The Washington Post and the Village Voice have all praised her mesmerizing stage shows. As a music artist she has collaborated with Marcus Miller, Eminem, Roberta Flack, and Vernon Reid, while as a social activist Maya campaigns on the issues of domestic violence, empowering women and sustainability.

Maya tells us about her new album, which took 2 years to create and releasing the new single. She shares with us how singing chose her and having music as her superpower. Maya also talks about pursuing music as a calling and helping the world.

“We have to accept our limitations and accept our greatness and know which is which.”

“If you don’t mean it, don’t play it.”

– Maya Azucena

Maya Azucena  Show Notes:

  • The impact of September 11th on Maya’s music (6:20)
  • Being an advocate for art as power (8:37)
  • Empowering people (11:30)
  • Navigating between two different worlds. Music and helping the community (13:23)
  • The need of  having team players (18:00)
  • Spiritual guidance (19:40)
  • Releasing your work (22:58)
  • Creating a list of priorities (24:37)

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