CL198: Building An Invincible Brand – Interview With Crisis Management Speaker Melissa Agnes

Melissa Agnes
Author of “Crisis Ready: Building an Invincible Brand in an Uncertain World”, Melissa Agnes is a leading authority on crisis preparedness, reputation management, and brand protection. She is a coveted speaker, commentator, and advisor to some of today’s leading organizations faced with the greatest risks. As a strategic advisor and keynote speaker, Melissa has worked with NATO, Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense, financial firms, technology companies and healthcare organizations in helping them understand risk and build invincible brands that can withstand even the most devastating of events. Melissa is the editor of the Crisis Ready Blog, a contributor to Forbes, and a go-to source for the press, with recent coverage including the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. As a university guest lecturer, she teaches crisis management in university courses around the world, including at NYU and McGill.
In this episode, we cover:
  • 2:38 – High risk scenarios
  • 4:23 – Risks for international speakers
  • 6:55 – Crisis management bloggging
  • 10:52 – Dave Carroll
  • 14:02 – Conversational AI’s
  • 15:56 – Issues versus risk
  • 16:27 – Influencer risk
  • 19:20 – Moving from breakout stage to keynote stage

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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