Metaverse Keynote Speaker for Crevolution 

ICM is an international company with operations in 10 countries
focused on the development of training and consulting solutions for
the international finance industry, focused primarily on the value chain
of credit risk and collection. In 2017, the most prestigious associations
of the Financial Industry in Mexico such as UNIFIMEX, ASOFOM,
took the first step to develop an event concept never seen before in
this Industry. That event is Crevolution and it is attended by more than
1,700 leaders in the financial industry each year.

The theme of the most recent conference was “Challenges and
opportunities of the Financial Industry, a new horizon”. The organisers
of Crevolution invited James Taylor to deliver a keynote on the
Metaverse, to help the audience of finance leaders understand the
opportunities for their industry and to share powerful stories and
examples of how different industries are approaching the Metaverse.
As the majority of the audience would have limited knowledge of the
Metaverse the first part of James Taylor’s keynote focused on the what
and why, including an explanation of the different technologies that
underpin it (e.g. NFTs, AV/VR, blockchain). He then shared examples of
how companies in the banking, real estate, insurance, credit, retail,
automotive, agricultural, entertainment, and consumer products
industries are building out experiences and revenue streams in the


Two important considerations for James Taylor’s preparation for this
event is that his keynote would be delivered on a 360 stage with the
audience seated all around him (in the round), also the majority of the
the audience would be using headsets to hear live audio translations of his
keynote from English into Spanish. This required greater use of visuals,
video, stage blocking, and stagecraft to create the most immersive and
impactful keynote presentation.

James Taylor’s final keynote consisted of a high-energy and future-
focused 45-minute keynote followed by a 15-minute Q&A facilitated by

a moderator. The keynote shared with the audience the four levels of
building their brands and businesses in the Metaverse as well as
actionable steps they could take personally and professionally to
understand this trend. The keynote closed with a story that
demonstrated that while the Metaverse can challenge us it also
presents a huge opportunity for businesses to create more immersive
and engaging experiences for their customers, clients and other

About this case study


Organiser of one of Latin Americas largest conferences for the financial services industry.


Presidents, CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, CTOs,




To get audience to visualise how the Metaverse will change the financial industry.

James Taylor’s Solution:


The audience left the event with a deeper understanding of how the Metaverse will change their industry and actionable steps they can take.

“Inspiring,,. it has allowed us not only to understand the implications of the metaverse in our industry but also to reflect on the changes and trends that will affect our lives and relationships. Thanks James.”insights on the key topics that will lead the future of our company: Sustainability, Innovation, and People.”

Luis Eduardo Pérez Mata | President, ICM