CL073: Mike Glauser on the rise of the Main Street Entrepreneur

Mike Glauser

In this episode of The Creative Life Podcast I talk with entrepreneur, author and academic Mike Glauser about the rise of the “Main Street Entrepreneur”.

Mike Glauser is an entrepreneur, business consultant and Executive Director of the Clark Centre for Entrepreneurship in the Jon M. Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University. Over the past twenty years he has helped hundreds of students and entrepreneurs develop their business ideas and launch companies. His latest book, ‘Main Street Entrepreneur’, introduces a proven roadmap for starting and building a successful company. Michael got creative when researching for this new book. He interviewed 100 entrepreneurs during a 4,000 mile cross-country bicycle ride which took in more than 100 cities. He is also the co-founder of My New Enterprise, which provides online training and development for universities, colleges and government agencies.

Mike Glauser ‘Main Street Entrepreneur’ Show Notes:

  • New documentary
  • Half of all businesses being started by people over 50
  • Main Street vs. Silicon Valley
  • Bicycle Tour of America
  • Where ideas come from
  • User Entrepreneurs
  • Hygiene factors
  • Purpose driven business
  • Start With Why
  • Multiple streams of revenue
  • Portfolio of Products – Michael Porter

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