Inspirational and Motivational Keynote Speaker in Caracas, Venezuela

Caracas Keynote Speaker

James Taylor is a motivational keynote speaker who travels all over the world, from Caracas to Singapore, to deliver deeply insightful messages to a diversity of business audiences from multiple industries. His lively, insightful keynotes will help you and your teams increase your creative potential, accelerate the pace of innovation, adapt to ever-changing conditions, and build a creative culture. An inspirational keynote speaker specializing in creativity, innovation, leadership, marketing, and artificial intelligence, Taylor is highly passionate about offering stage experiences that educate, inspire and entertain his audiences.

During his tailored, visual and humorous presentations, he takes his audiences on a journey of discovery, unveiling the backstage secrets of how the most creative individuals and organizations from the globe are dealing with change and technological disruptions. Throughout his long career, he has spoken at international conferences in the US, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. He also hosted the largest online summit for professional keynote speakers from the world. He collaborated with major corporations such as Yamaha, Apple, Sony, Bertelsmann, and Johnson & Johnson, and provided 1-on-1 coaching to a large number of highly talented individuals from a variety of backgrounds. He holds an MBA in international business and is a fellow of the RSA (the Royal Society of Arts), an institution with prior members like Nelson Mandela and Benjamin Franklin. Recently, BBC produced a 30 minutes documentary about his career and exceptional accomplishments as an inspirational keynote speaker.

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Caracas, Venezuela has many excellent conference centers and facilities, including:

Centro de Convenciones CCN Catia, on Capital District
Gran Meliá Caracas, on Av. Casanova
International Convention Centre CCN (CCN Federation), on Av. Neveri
Pestana Caracas Premium City & Conference Hotel, on 1ra. Avenida. Urb. Santa Eduvigis
Plaza Venezuela Centro de Convenciones Ofitel, on Plaza
Renaissance Caracas La Castellana Hotel, on Av. Eugenio Mendoza con Calle, Urdaneta


General Information about Caracas for Meeting Planners and Event Professionals

With a population of almost 2 million inhabitants, Caracas is the capital and largest city in Venezuela. Located on the Guaire River in northern Venezuela near the Caribbean, it is a vibrant, culturally-diverse metropolis, famous for its extraordinary artistic and culinary scenes, as well as a major financial, industrial and touristic centre, with an economy relying mostly on the service sector. Some of the most important national and international companies based in Caracas include the Caracas Stock Exchange, Citibank, Petrocaribe, Petróleos de Venezuela and Gran Meliá Caracas. The city is also a major tourist destination, famous for landmarks such as Plaza Bolivar and Plaza Venezuela, two of the city’s largest public squares, the Panteon Nacional, a quaint construction mixing an old church with a modern building, the Boulevard of Sabana Grande, the city’s largest shopping street, home to a diversity of luxury shopping boutiques, the Federal Capitol, housing the National Assembly and the National Constitutional Assembly, and the Iglesia of San Francisco, a beautiful church built in 1593. Caracas is renowned for its cultural scene, represented by amazing museums such as the Museo de Bellas Artes de Caracas, one of Venezuela’s most impressive museums, and the Contemporary Art Museum of Caracas, one of the largest museums of modern art from Latin America.

The City as a Conference Destination

Caracas, Venezuela, is a major centre for international conferences and conventions, including: the Dash Caracas Conference, an event focused on the latest developments in crypto-currencies; the Growth Marketing Summit, bringing together a large number of experts in marketing; the International Conference on Critical Pedagogy, Teaching, and Learning (ICCPTL), one of the largest conventions focused on education from Venezuela; the World Congress on Healthcare and Health Economics, a major healthcare event; the International Conference on Advanced Computer Science and Information Technology, a forum to exchange ideas about the present and future of information technologies; the International Conference on Control Engineering and Artificial Intelligence, another important event about technological developments.

Caracas Food Options for Conference Delegates

While you are attending a business conference in Caracas, Venezuela, a few local restaurants to experience include: Hajillo’s (+58 212-9614829), Moreno (+58 212-2611237) and El Budare de la Castellana (+58 212-2632696 +58 212-2632696), three of best restaurants where you can try traditional Venezuelan cuisine; La Dolce Vita (+58 212-2622180), an excellent Italian restaurant; Restaurant Lasserre (+58 212-2834558), a locale serving a diversity of fantastic French dishes; El Alazán (+58 212-2850208), a restaurant famous for its steaks; Ávila Tei (+58 212-2630806), one of the best Japanese restaurants in the city; and El Budare de la India (+58 212-4724179), a well-known Indian restaurant.

Caracas Attractions for Convention Attendees

There are a number of highly rated tourist attractions that you can visit after your business conference in Caracas, Venezuela, including: the house of Simón Bolívar (currently a museum), a historic building where the famous military leader and fighter for independence Simón Bolívar was born; Los Caobos Park, one of the oldest parks in Caracas featuring a statue of Teresa de la Parra and a breathtaking fountain; the Plaza Venezuela, one of the largest central public squares from the city, inaugurated in 1940 and home to a monument dedicated to Christopher Columbus and a lit-up musical fountain; and Parque del Este, a vast park with a large number of green gardens, a zoo, a planetarium and a library.