Inspirational and Motivational Keynote Speaker in Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem Keynote Speaker

James Taylor is a global keynote speaker who travels everywhere in the world, from Jerusalem to Singapore, to offer invaluable advice to business audiences from a diversity of industries. His lively, inspiring and insightful keynote presentations help his audiences increase their creativity, speed-up innovation, adapt to change and build creative cultures. A world-famous expert in innovation, creativity, marketing, leadership, and artificial intelligence, Taylor is highly passionate to offer stage experiences that educate, entertain and inspire his public. During his visual, insightful and humorous presentations, he takes his audiences on quests of discovery, unveiling the backstage secrets of how some of the most creative and innovative individuals and companies from the world manage to deal with change and technological disruption.

During his career, he has presented at major international conferences in the USA, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Africa and South America. Moreover, he hosted the world’s largest online summit for expert keynote speakers. He worked with important companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Yamaha, Sony, Apple, and Bertelsmann, and provided personalized advice to a large number of highly talented people from a multitude of professional backgrounds (education, business, music industry etc.) He was awarded an MBA in international business and is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA), an organization boasting with previous members such as Nelson Mandela and Benjamin Franklin. BBC produced a 30-minutes documentary about his accomplishments as an inspirational and motivational keynote speaker.

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Jerusalem, Israel has many excellent conference centers and facilities, including:

Caesar Premier Jerusalem, on Jaffa Street
The International Convention Centre, on Sderot Shazar
The Israel Museum, on Derech Ruppin
The Jerusalem Gate Hotel, on Yermiyahu Street
The Olive Tree Hotel Royal Plaza Jerusalem, on St. George Street
Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem, on Gershon Agron Street


General Information about Jerusalem for Meeting Planners and Event Professionals

Located between the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, Jerusalem is a Middle Eastern city with over 900,000 inhabitants. It is one of the oldest cities in the world and is considered a holy settlement by the Judaist, Christian and Islamic religions. Currently, Jerusalem’s political situation is rather tense and unclear: although it is governed and administered by Israel, Palestine also claims it as its capital. Regardless of these problems, the city is gradually becoming a powerful commercial, economic, industrial and financial centre, with a particularly high prominence of the high-tech industry. Some large technological corporations with regional headquarters in Jerusalem include IBM, Cisco, Intel, Medtronic and Mobileye, all of them located in the expansive Jerusalem Technology Park and Northern Jerusalem’s Har Hotzvim Industrial Park. Moreover, it is also an important tourist destination, due to attractions such as its wonderful Old City, voted by UNESCO a World Heritage Site in 1991, or the Western Wall, a well-known site for religious pilgrimage. The city is a major cultural hub, home to exceptional museums such as the Israel Museum, probably the most renowned museum in the Middle East, showcasing an enormous collection of Israeli, Judaic and European artworks, together with rare archeological discoveries such as the Dead Sea Scrolls. 

The City as a Conference Destination

Jerusalem is a growing destination for conferences and conventions exploring different areas of interest. Some notable events taking place in the city include: the International Tourism Security Summit (ITSS), a new two-day conference featuring topics such as tourism marketing and attracting many international speakers from UNWTO, the OECD, SmithBucklin and TBWA; the TBEX (Travel Blog Exchange), one the world’s largest conferences and networking events for travel bloggers, online travel journalists, new media content creators, and industry professionals; MHealth Israel, a conference focused on global medical innovation and dedicated to startups and technology companies; and the Israel Digital Business Summit, a meeting point for experts in the relationship between technology and business.

Jerusalem Food Options for Conference Delegates

While you are attending a business conference in Jerusalem, Israel, a few local restaurants to experience include: Mona (+972 2-622-2283), a fantastic restaurant located in an old building and offering a tasty and creative kitchen, with great care for details, in a nice ambiance; the Eucalyptus (+972 2-624-4331), a kosher restaurant serving a large variety of locally inspired dishes along with a selection of good wines; Azura (+972 2-623-5204), an amazing restaurant specializing in Middle Eastern and Israeli cuisine; and the Anna Italian Cafe (+972 2-543-4144), an Italian bistro offering an excellent selection of fresh homemade pastas and other Italian dishes, a high class service and a spacious setting.

Jerusalem Attractions for Convention Attendees

There are a number of highly rated tourist attractions that you can visit after your business conference in Jerusalem, Israel, including: the Western Wall or Kotel, known in Islam as the Buraq Wall, an ancient limestone wall in the Old City of Jerusalem, world-famous as a site for religious pilgrimage; the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, a well-known cathedral located in the Christian Quarter of the Old City, which is believed to contain the two holiest sites in Christianity: the site where Jesus of Nazareth was crucified and Jesus’ empty tomb; and the Tower of David, also known as the Jerusalem Citadel, located near the Jaffa Gate entrance to the western edge of the Old City of Jerusalem.