Inspirational and Motivational Keynote Speaker in Lima, Peru

Lima Keynote Speaker

James Taylor is a motivational keynote speaker who travels the world, from Lima to Singapore, to deliver insightful messages to individuals and companies from various industries. He was awarded an MBA in international business and is a fellow of the RSA (the Royal Society of Arts, a prestigious institution with previous members such as Nelson Mandela and Benjamin Franklin). His amazing keynote speeches will help you and your team increase your creativity, adapt to changes, accelerate innovation and construct creative cultures.

A world-leading expert in innovation, creativity, artificial intelligence, marketing and leadership, James is strongly passionate about staging experiences which inspire, educate and also entertain his audiences, and take them on journeys to discover the backstage secrets of how some of the most innovative individuals and companies adapt to change and technological disruptions. During his career, James worked with many multinational companies, including Johnson & Johnson, Apple, Sony, Yamaha and Bertelsmann and also coached some of the most innovative individuals from the world, such as entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, teachers, writers and musicians. He offered presentations at global conferences in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe, the US, and South America and hosted the largest online summit for professional keynote speakers from the world. Moreover, he appeared in a BBC documentary focused on his career as an inspirational keynote speaker.

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Lima, Peru has many excellent conference centers and facilities, including:

CEFAS, on Manuel Segura
Delfines Hotel & Casino, on Calle Los Eucaliptos
Lima Convention and Visitors Bureau, on Av. Alfredo Benavides
Millenium Restaurant & Centro de Convenciones, on Av. Alfredo Mendiola
Sheraton Lima Hotel & Convention Centre, on Av. Paseo de la República
Westin Lima Hotel & Convention Centre, on Calle Las Begonias


General Information about Lima for Meeting Planners and Event Professionals

Lima is the capital and most populous city of Peru and the second most populated city in the Americas, after São Paulo, with a population of more than 10 million. Founded in 1535 by Francisco Pizzaro, a Spanish conquistador, and located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, Lima is a currently a major centre for industry, commerce and finances. It is an important banking and insurance hub, home to headquarters of large banks such as Banco Financiero, Bano of the Nation, Banco Continental, Scotiabank Peru, Interbank and Banco de Crédito del Peru, as well as insurance corporations like Interseguro, Mapfre Peru, Pacifico, Protecta, La Positiva and Rimac Seguros. Architecturally, Lima is very diverse, juxtaposing a large diversity of styles including Neoclassical, Baroque, Early Colonial, Art Nouvea and Brutalist. Some of its most famous landmarks include imposing churches such as the Monastery of San Francisco, the Lima Cathedral, and the Convent of Santo Domingo, peaceful green areas like the Park of the Exposition and the Park of the Reserve, and excellent museums, including the Museum of Art, the Museum of the Nation and the National Museum of Archeology. Lima is also international renowned for its amazing culinary traditions, using a large diversity of ingredients and cooking styles from the coast, the mountain areas and the Amazon region.

The City as a Conference Destination

Lima, Peru, is a major centre for international conferences and conventions, such as: the WCO IT Conference and Exhibition, a meeting point for national and international experts in information technology aiming to discuss the latest developments in their field; the Social Media Week, an event exploring the latest trends in social media; the Latin America Conference by American College of Cardiology (ACC), one of the country’s largest healthcare conferences; the Peru Venture Capital Conference, bringing together a great diversity of business leaders and entrepreneurs; and the ACCEI International Multi-Conference for Engineering, Education, and Technology, a convention exploring innovation and inclusion in educational practices.

Lima Food Options for Conference Delegates

While you are attending a business conference in Lima, Peru, a few local restaurants to experience include: Isolina Taberna Peruana (+51 1 2475075), La Vista (+51 1 2177009) and Huaca Pucllana (+51 1 4454042), three of the best restaurants where you can try traditional Peruvian cuisine; La Mar Cebichería Peruana (+51 1 4213365), an excellent seafood restaurant; L’Eau Vive (+51 1 4275612), one of the best French restaurants in the city; San Ceferino (+51 1 4228242), serving a large variety of delicious Italian dishes; Hanzo Restaurante (+51 1 4226367), a Japanese restaurant specializing in sushi dishes; and Wa Lok (+51 1 4272750), an amazing Chinese restaurant.

Lima Attractions for Convention Attendees

There are a number of highly rated tourist attractions that you can visit after your business conference in Lima, Peru, such as: Plaza Mayor, the main public square from Lima, renowned for its extraordinary churches and palaces located there, as well as for its beautiful central fountain; the Larco Museum, an 18th century mansion built over a pre-Columbian pyramid from the 7th century and recently turned into a museum exhibiting a large collection of pre-Columbian artifacts; the Basilica of San Francisco, an imposing Roman Catholic church, built in a Baroque style and featuring a complex network of catacombs; and the Park of Love, a landscaped park located next to the ocean, housing an enormous kissing sculpture.