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Seattle Keynote Speaker

Motivational keynote speaker, author and entrepreneur James Taylor travels the world, from Seattle to Singapore, to deliver tailored, content-rich and highly visual keynote presentations to a large diversity of audiences from different professional backgrounds and multiple industries. An internationally acclaimed expert in creativity, innovation, marketing, artificial intelligence and leadership, Taylor is eager to teach individuals and companies how to market, monetize and maximize their creativity and innovativeness.

In the last two decades, he offered invaluable advice to people and organizations in the United States, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, helping them unlock their creative capacities, speed up innovation and adapt to a multitude of changes and technological disruptions. He collaborated with well-known multinational companies such as Apple, Yamaha, Sony, Bertelsmann and Johnson & Johnson, and also provided one-on-one coaching to some of the world’s most creative and talented individuals, including corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, writers, educators and musicians.

Taylor’s exceptional accomplishments as a keynote speaker, writer and entrepreneur made his a prominent figure in many media outlets and brought him two important awards, the Modern ONTRApreneur award and the S.D. Southern award. A current fellow at the Royal Society of Arts (an institution whose past members include major personalities such as Benjamin Franklin and Nelson Mandela) with an MBA in international business, Taylor was recently the subject of a 30 minutes BBC documentary about his life and accomplishments as a global keynote speaker.

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Seattle, Washington has many excellent conference centers and facilities, including:

Washington State Convention Centre, on Pike St.
Talaris Conference Centre, on NE 41st St.
Bell Harbor International Conference Centre, on Alaskan Way
Sharepoint Training Conference, on WA 98101
Premier Business Centres, on 7th Ave. Suite 2100
The Conference Centre at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, on International Blvd., SeaTac


General Information about Seattle for Meeting Planners and Event Professionals

Surrounded by water, mountains and amazing forests, Seattle is the largest city in the state of Washington, with an estimated population of 730,000. Located between the Puget Sound inlet and Lake Washington, the city is one of the largest cities in the northern part of the United States. Seattle is home to one of the biggest oceanic ports in North America, which has been an important commercial and shipbuilding centre throughout history. The city’s economy is driven by a mix of older industrial companies, and new technology, design and internet services companies. Today the greater metropolitan area of Seattle hosts an outstanding hi-tech industry led by Microsoft and Amazon, both having their headquarters in the city. Other major companies headquartered in Seattle include Nintendo of America, T-Mobile US, Expedia Inc. and Providence Health & Services (the state’s largest health care system). The famous coffee-chain Starbucks was also founded and is based in Seattle. Some of the most renowned landmarks include the Market of Seattle, with its famous old fish market, the original Starbucks Coffee shop, and the Seattle Art Museum, where a wide collection of art from all around the world is displayed. Seattle’s most iconic landmark remains though the futuristic Space Needle, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the city.

The City as a Conference Destination

Seattle, Washington is a major destination for international conferences and conventions, hosting thousands of conferences each year. Some of the biggest conferences taking place here include: the Interaction Week, an important conference focused on interaction design; the Design Matters Conference by the Association of Architecture Organizations, another major design convention; the Seattle User Experience Conference – ConveyUX, a Seattle-based event designed for practitioners of interaction and visual design, user research, and content strategy; RARE Leadership, a meeting point for national and international specialists in issues related to leadership; and IMPACT, a one-on-one networking experience with professionals from the performance industry.

Seattle Food Options for Conference Delegates

While you are attending a business conference in Seattle, Washington, a few local restaurants to experience include: Jimmy’s on Broadway (+1 206-204-1188), one of the best places where you can try traditional American dishes; the Pink Door (+1 206-443-3241), an excellent Italian restaurant with live shows and entertainment on a wonderful terrace facing the Elliott Bay; Canlis (+1 206-283-3313), a Pacific Northwest Restaurant fine-dining destination; the Metropolitan Grill (+1 206-624-3287), an upscale steakhouse decorated in wood and velvet; Marination Ma Kai (+1 206-328-8226), a Hawaiian-Korean fusion restaurant with a dockside patio; and the Tilikum Place Cafe (+1 206-282-4830), a European-style bistro with seasonal menus served in a stylish setting.

Seattle Attractions for Convention Attendees

There are a large number of highly rated tourist attractions that you can visit after your business conference in Seattle, Washington, including: the famous Space Needle, the city’s most iconic attraction, with an observation deck offering breathtaking panoramic city views; the Pike Place Market, one of the oldest continuously operated public farmers’ markets in the United States, functioning since 2007; the Puget Sound, a massive estuary located along the northwestern coast of the State of Washington, with forested shores and a large diversity of wildlife; and the Chihuly Garden and Glass, a modern exhibition place showcasing the glass studio of Dale Chihuly.