My New Kindle

As my wife will tell you I hate shopping with a passion.  Years of being dragged around clothes shops with my mother ensured that high street shopping fills me with dread.  The only exception are bookstores.  Yes ladies and gentelman, I am a Bibliomaniac and proud of it.  I get no kicks from cocaine, champagne, chocolate or cigarettes but books do it for me everytime.

The downside to this is that my house now resembles a second hand bookshop so something had to be done.  With this in mind I purchased the new Amazon Kindle (3G + WiFi), probably the best digital reading device available which allows you to store up to 3,000 books on one gadget.  All 241 grams of it are a pleasure to hold and the screen is almost like reading a book of the paper variety.  I can even read blogs on it and have already downloaded a bunch of free books from The Gutenberg Project.

Check out this little video all about it and I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on these new eReaders?  Do you prefer the Kindle to the iPad?  Does the idea of replacing the traditional book with an electronic device fill you with horror?



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