CL024: Nora Germain on jazz and writing your first book

Nora Germain

Nora Germain is a Los Angeles based jazz violinist and a fast-rising star on the international scene. After studying music at Idyllwild Arts Academy and the Thornton School of Music she has gone on to work with some incredible names including film composer John Altman, YouTube sensations Jacob Collier and Casey Abrams, pop star Sam Smith and many many more. She was named as a Rising Star of Jazz Violin by Downbeat Magazine last year and this year Nora will be releasing her fourth album and first inspirational book.

In this episode of The Creative Life Podcast, Nora tells us about her upcoming album, her book and her wonderful experience performing at Katy Perry’s pre Grammy party. She talks about growing up and playing violin in her mom’s violin school with her mom as her teacher. Nora also shares with us how she learned jazz music through Marshall Hawkins.

“Music is the thing that matters.”

“Can’t worry on what anyone else is doing ever.”

– Nora Germain

Nora Germain Show Notes:

  • Learning confidence on stage (5:34)
  • Creativity in writing (8:05)
  • Speaking and Writing (10:40)
  • Planning what you have to do (13:07)
  • Crowd Funding campaign (13:56)
  • Being in the creative mode (16:50)
  • Recording in New Orleans as a Jazz artist (18:59)
  • Album and video ideas that did not work out (20:57)
  • Meeting Philip Manuel (22:26)
  • Coping mechanisms for creativity block (25:20)
  • Importance of having a community (27:18)
  • Comparing yourself to others (31:27)
  • Advantage to jazz artists of a peer group (36:00)

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