Paul Gilbert Guitar School and the Marketing of Rock Guitar

Paul Gilbert is a giant in the world of rock guitar so I’m super-excited to announce the opening of the Rock Guitar School with Paul Gilbert on the ArtistWorks platform.  Paul is the sixth guitarist to have a school with ArtistWorks, the others being Martin Taylor (fingerstyle), Bryan Sutton (flatpicking), Andy Hall (dobro), Andreas Oberg (jazz) and next month Jason Vieaux (classical)

Most noted as a member of acclaimed Heavy Metal band Racer X, platinum-selling Hard Rock band Mr. Big and a recent member of the G3 guitar super tour, “guitar deity” Paul Gilbert’s distinctive playing has influenced and inspired an entire generation of guitar players across the globe. Gilbert’s new Rock Guitar School features a complete course of beginner-to-advanced guitar lessons – ranging from classic riffs and guitar licks to Paul’s signature blazing arpeggios and string skipping.

Paul Gilbert and James Taylor

The team here at ArtistWorks have done a great job on the creation and marketing of the first rock guitar school that will use Video Exchange™ technology.  The initial marketing of the school has been about getting Paul’s current fans, shred guitarists and guitar magazine editors and bloggers excited about the site.  The marketing campaign now begins to implement the wider marketing strategy that will focus more on SEO, Affiliates, advertising, referral marketing, content marketing, conversion marketing, email marketing, public relations, social media and PPC.

Check out this video about Paul’s online guitar school.


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