How to stop bureaucrats taking over your life.

Why does this government want to take over my life and my business?  If they aren’t talking about making owners buy insurance for their dogs then they want to ban people from smoking in their own cars.

So I have a suggestion to avoid faceless bureaucrat’s taking over your life.

Every new law should be associated with one and only one person who is willing to stand up for it and explain it.  If an MP, MSP or Peer isn’t willing to defend and be associated with a new piece of legislation then you have to question it.

“No using a phone in the airport passport control queue.”  Really?  Who made that law? Why?

If we knew the bureaucrat’s name or politician that sponsored the bill then we could lobby to have them fired or voted out for being stupid and unnecessarily adding to the security hysteria that already exists at airports.

I am still undecided on the new Digital Economy bill and have read with interest posts from Bridget Fox, Caron and Stephen on the issue.  Perhaps if a single politician stood up and said clearly why it was important and what they would do if it didn’t work as promised then I would be more inclined to be in favour of it.  As someone who owns a record label I should technically be in favour of it but the issues around privacy worry me.

Governments and organisations thrive on their ability to allow individuals to remain faceless.  It permits them to act badly or stupidly, not in the interest of their electorate or customers.


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