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The Post-Pandemic Roaring 2020’s

The Post-Pandemic Roaring 2020’s

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CL281: Self-Publishing Ebooks With Smashwords

Mark Coker

CL272: James Taylor interviews Michael J. Gelb and they talk about how to outline your book using mindmapping

Michael J. Gelb

CL271: James Taylor interviews Ron Kaufman and they talk about the book as a brochure for your business

Ron Kaufman

CL270: James Taylor interviews Lisa Bodell and they talk about how to use your book as a platform

Lisa Bodell

CL269: James Taylor interviews Jay Papasan and they talk about the one thing to write a bestseller

Jay Papasan

CL268: James Taylor interviews Honorée Corder and they talk about why you should write a book.

Honorée Corder

CL267: How To Write A Book Proposal with David Allen

David Allen

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