CL111: Rutger Bregman on Utopia and the power of ideas

Rutger Bregman

Rutger Bregman is an author and historian who has been called ‘The Dutch wunderkind of new ideas’ by The Guardian Newspaper. He has twice been nominated for the prestigious European Press Prize for his journalism work at The Correspondent. His latest book ‘Utopia for Realists’ makes a passionate case for universal basic income, open borders and a 15-hour workweek. I had the opportunity to hear him talk at the RSA in London recently and it’s my great pleasure to welcome him onto the show now.

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In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Universal basic income
  • Inequality
  • Win-Win
  • Cornflakes Capitalism
  • 15 Hour Work Week
  • Avoiding the news
  • It’s OK to not finish a book!
  • The power of Ideas
  • Utopia for Realists
  • Peter Singer
  • Sapiens
  • The obsession with work
  • Email

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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