Steve Jobs and Marketing Apple

Recently finished reading the Walter Isaccson biography on Steve Jobs and it is probably one of the best biographies I have ever read.

By the end of this book I can guarantee that while you may have concluded that Steve Jobs was not a particularly nice human being you’ll be left in no doubt what a genius he was when it came to design, marketing, technology and business.  Walter Isaccson’s masterful biography does an incredible job of painting a picture of a towering figure in technology and someone who stood at the intersection of humanities and sciences.

One of the areas I found most interesting was Apples Marketing Philosophy which stressed three points.  The first was empathy, an intimate connection with the feelings of the customer. The second was focus and eliminating all of the unimportant opportunities.  The third was impute, or the signals that a company or product sends to affect the customers perception.  Like other areas of his life, Jobs had an obsessive attitude to marketing and image that extended to Zen-like simplicity in product design.

Don’t read this book if you are looking for an example of how to live a good life. Do read this book if you want to learn about the complex workings of a genius and the relationship between product design and marketing.  This is a book about how art and technology can be combined and one mans vision of that.  Here’s to the crazy ones.

I highly recommend reading ‘Steve Jobs’ the autobiography by Walter Isaccson and you can get your copy here (Amazon Affiliate Link).

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