CL182: The Link Between Curiosity And Creativity – Interview with Steven Morris

Steven Morris
Steven Morris is a brand evolution strategist, speaker, author, painter and designer. He speaks and writes on evolved brands, curiosity, “beautiful business,” and humanized work forces. He’s the author of 2 books and has a new one in the works entitled “The Evolved Brand.” Steve has been honored to work with more than 250+ global and national companies and 2,300+ business leaders over the past 24 years. He believes that leadership and business, done well, can be an acts of artistry and an expression of beauty. When he’s not on stage or roaming the globe advising clients, he can be found in his painting studio, in the surf or on the trails running the canyons of Southern California.
In this episode, we cover:
  • 4:05 – What is the connection between brand and profits?
  • 5:11 – How to create value for customers
  • 6:53 – The stages of developing a brand
  • 7:59 – Brand strategy
  • 8:52 – What makes a congruent brand
  • 11:00 – Curiosity and Creativity
  • 14:35 – Daniel Pink
  • 14:50 – Open office environments and creativity levels
  • 17:50 – How sub-brands work?
  • 20:45 – The Economist
  • 21:29 – Brandifestos
  • 23:15 – Presentation vs Conversation
  • 30:05 – How to bridge your brand for both B2C and B2B markets

Resources mentioned in this episode:


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