Sustainability Keynote Speaker for Casale

The internationally-respected company that is Casale SA today has grown out of almost a century of groundbreaking technological innovation, careful expansion and development, and an intimate knowledge of its industry. Drawing upon its creativity and thanks to significant investment in the development of core technologies and know-how for the production of Ammonia, Urea, Melamine, Methanol, Syngas, Nitrate fertilizer, and Phosphates fertilizers Casale is nowadays able to provide, for plant retrofits and new plants, a comprehensive range of proven and efficient solutions, services and products.

The leadership at Casale, and the events company Adverteam approached James Taylor & Alison Burns (AKA The Ethical Futurists) to deliver keynotes on Innovation and Sustainability for their annual internal event that would be attended by 350 Casale executives and engineers from across Europe. The theme of the event was ‘Together for a New Planet’.

As part of their preparation The Ethical Futurists held a series of calls with leadership from the marketing, human resources, and technology functions of the organisation as well as the events team. James created a keynote which focused on how to accelerate innovation through deeper collaboration and greater curiosity. Meanwhile, Alison’s keynote, with her background as an engineer, focused on sustainability and future trends from technologies including precision fermentation, perennial crops, and the use of ammonia for the energy transition and in shipping.

The format for their presentations is that James and Alison would each delivery a high-impact and thought-provoking 15-20min keynote and this was followed by the attendees brainstorming around a series of pre-prepared questions developed along with OXYGY, the consulting arm of Bird & Bird. 


About this case study


Casale is provider of integrated solutions for the production of fertilizers and chemicals.


C-Suite, VPs, Engineers




How to innovate and adapt to the energy transition, supply-chain shocks, and global instability.

James Taylor’s Solution:


Attendees were inspired to innovate and produce ideas to help the company become more resilient and sustainable.

“The event exceeded everyone’s expectations and The Ethical Futurists methodology played a key role in delivering a greatly inspiring experience. The 350+ participants were excited and thrilled about the team-building brainstorming sessions that generated an impressive number of new ideas and
insights on the key topics that will lead the future of our company: Sustainability, Innovation, and People.”

Maria San Antonio Alonso | Marketing & Comms Manager, Casale